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Creating websites for good people

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Architectural and design bureau "Archivarius"

Task: website with an animated portfolio and news section of the architectural bureau in two languages with short information about the bureau.
Implementation: adaptive website with transition between pages without reloading it. Gallery projects of architectural office established in the form of tiles with filters types of projects. By clicking on the image information pops up in modals windows. News are divided into blocks and columns are scrolled horizontally. More information is also displayed in a modals windows. We made this together with the design studio "Mozart".

Architectural and design bureau Archivarius

Foundation of support, reconstruction and revival of historical ships and classic yachts

Task: website with minimum animation for posting news and pictures of Foundation acquired on the basis of a template which has been founded on Envato Market.
Implementation: responsive website with galleries and large amount of news and information pages. A few animation you can see scrolling through the site.

Foundation of support, reconstruction and revival of historical ships and classic yachts

Design clothes "EZHI"

Task: minimalistic website portfolio for exclusive clothes of the designer EZHI.
Implementation: responsive website with transition between pages and collections without reloading it. We made this together with the designer Yegor Zakatov.

Clothing Designer EZHI

Designer handbags and accessories for sailors by "BR-L"

Task: modern online store with collections of bags and accessories for seamen from the designer Bronskaya Elena.
Implementation: responsive website in two languages with a distinguished font and a possibility of the order of goods in currency of the USA, Europe and Russia

Designer handbags and accessories for sailors by BR-L

Barbershop "Sekach"

Task: simple one-page website of barbershop Sekach
Implementation: responsive website with a vertical scrolling slide blocks and with beautiful photos and video.

Barbershop Sekach

Housing cooperative "Doverie"

Task: information website of housing cooperative explaining the possibility of accumulation amount at a better interest rate for the purchase of real estate by the government program of Russian Federation.
Implementation: responsive website with an animated information blocks. We created calculator for the final cost of the property and added page for news and a list of property which is in the sale. Personal protected account pages display all necessary information for customer which have entered into the program.

Housing cooperative Doverie

Resort and residential complex "More Park"

Task: information website for pre-sale of real estate in the resort and residential complex in the south of Russia.
Implementation: responsive website with information blocks about the complex. Advanced partition layouts and the news section on the progress of construction.

Housing complex More Park

Branding and protection cars with films by "Viniloviy Garage"

Task: informative website with the presentation and cost of work for design and pasting a protective film on car body.
Implementation: responsive one-page website with information blocks, gallery, tabbed with the cost of the work and a few buttons for ordering services and feedback.

Branding and protection for car body Viniloviy Garage

Construction company of rope parks "Visotniy Gorod"

Task: information website which presenting capabilities of building rope park in any part of Russia and the world by company "Visotniy Gorod"
Implementation: responsive one-page website with information blocks and galleries of the performed works. Website is filled with a lot of animations and images was specialy painted by illustrator Ekaterina Sinitskaya.

Construction of rope parks Visotniy Gorod